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Teaching yoga for Heidi was an effortless transition from dance, as watching bodies move had been a huge part of her life for over 35 years. 

Although the mat called her initially, soon the exploration of the subtle realms would begin to hold a more prominent place in her own yoga practice as well as in her classes. Having trained with Sarah Powers, Rod Stryker, Les Leventhal and Alanna Kaivalya as well as countless incredible teachers and mentors over her many years of practice, she has a wealth of knowledge to share. 

Heidi has developed a style of teaching that is truly unique, emotive and meaningful. 

Heidi will empower you to:

  • Confidently weave thematics, philosophy and mythology into your classes with intention 

  • Use your intuition to sense when to leave space and when to fill space

  • The meanings behind the asana's and the energetics at play

  • Use the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's Yoga Sutra's in your life and share the teachings in your classes

  • Trust your own judgement and intuition 

  • Explore and share mantra

"Our time together will be truly magical. I am so excited to impart my knowledge and love of this very rich and powerful practice and to explore all that it is to be a Yogi both on and off the mat with you. My intention is to share the magic of movement + stillness, sound, vibration + silence with you, so you can share these gifts with your students and the world!."



Rach’s teaching journey began in Rishikesh India and has taken her all over of Asia and Australia, predominantly teaching in Melbourne.

Her classes comprise of a beautiful balance of dynamic movements, strength and fluidity. Her passion truly lies in energetic alignment whilst promoting safety and stability in the physical body. 

Rach's teachings stem from many renowned facilitators, mentors and above all, her deep devotion to self-study.

As a trained and experienced nurse, Rach’s caring and gentle nature shows through her teachings; as does her knowledge of the human body. 

Just a small insight of what this anatomical wiz will infuse into our training: 

  • Relevant and digestible Anatomy

  • The science of understanding the Physical, Subtle and Casual bodies 

  • Appropriate Cueing

  • All that encompasses Asana

  • How to create intentional, intelligent and innovative sequences that align the body both anatomically and energetically

  • How to create space for students to explore new layers of the self

“I look forward to diving into this next journey with you as we learn from each other. Get ready for a very special, very transformational 3 weeks together. I personally practice yoga for one reason and that is to live harmoniously in the complete embodiment of Satcitananda. Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. Although of course challenging at times; with love, devotion and self reflection, I truly believe this is achievable. I then teach yoga to share my learnings, in hope to unite. To spread light and spaciousness to all beings. Please join me in this beautiful adventure.”

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